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About Us

THE KAMCHATKA PENINSULA has long been a place shrouded in mystery. Only since the disintegration of the Soviet Union in 1991 have we begun to understand what lies behind its jagged North Pacific coastline – the most pristine wilderness left on Earth, chock full of fish and game.

IT IS ONE OF THE FEW PLACES ON EARTH where the environment has indeed been kept pristine. The Kamchatka countryside is not unlike Alaska, dotted with volcanoes and tundra meadows separated by evergreen and birch forest that stretch to the horizon. Our part of the world is almost uninhabited except for the reindeer, moose, sheep, and the largest concentration of brown bears in the world!

KAMCHATKA TROPHY HUNTS® is a group of companies with a total hunting area of almost 15 million acres. We offer hunting and fishing trips in the central, northern and north-western part of the peninsula. These trips will set your heart pounding, open your eyes, and force you to look again at what surrounds you. Our success is second to none but the hunting experience is about much more than that. It’s about taking a step into the past. It’s about hunting in a place that’s like Alaska was 100 years ago. And it’s more about yourself than you might know.

OUR COMPANY OUTFITS hunting packages for Eastern Siberian Moose, Kamchatka Brown Bear and three different species of wild sheep on the Kamchatka Peninsula – Kamchatka Bighorn Sheep, Koryak Snow Sheep and Chukotka Snow Sheep.

FROM THE TIME YOU ARRIVE IN RUSSIA until you depart you will be in our hands. We have been in the business of outfitting outstanding hunting and fishing trips in Kamchatka for better than a decade, and our reputation speaks for itself. Just contact our references – they’ll tell you…